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Local Support & Growth


Through intercropping, Cocogreen® help to provide local communities with fresh produce grown among the coconut trees of our plantations. It is important for us to ensure that we can help local communities in any way that we can, whether through training and educational support to providing a regular supply of sustainable fresh produce to help feed families.

Part of Our Sustainable Cycle

With a wide variety of crops being grown within the Cocogreen® plantations we can help to give back in the form of bananas, papaya, pineapple, ginger, black pepper and many other foods that local communities take advantage of, contributing to their economic development.



The truly beneficial part of intercropping is that the cultivation of these crops within our Coconut plantations allows local communities to benefit not only fresh food but also job opportunities.

By intercropping Cocogreen produce a greater yield across our plantations by making use of resources and providing a truly sustainable cycle.

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