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Saving Time & Money


Agent Saver™ works to reduce the surface tension of irrigation water, allowing both vertical & lateral movement of water and fertilisers within our substrate.  In combination with Moisture Control Technology®, Agent Saverutilises up to 100% of the substrate for holding water, fertilisers and further encourages root growth in areas of the substrate impossible to reach without these technologies.

This allows growers to maximise the efficiency of irrigation, reduce water and fertiliser applications, with some regular users of the technology achieving run-off’s as low as 6%. This is demonstrated scientifically and proven at our research & demonstration centres around the world.

Achieve Massive Reductions in Water & Fertilisers

Agent Saver has been proven to allow growers to operate extremely low run off rates.  This is even possible in hot spells of weather when EC can traditionally rise, particularly during intensive production periods, where ionic deposits are built up from the fertiliser added by the grower.

Agent Saver™ is used by some of the most influential and pioneering growers of edible crops around the world. In addition, when used in combination with Moisture Control Technology, Cocogreen® substrates enable growers to save a minimum of 20% water and fertiliser.

Provides a “Safety Net” for your Irrigation Manager


Penetrates all zones within the substrate, helping to shift ionic deposits in traditional “hot spots”.

Agent Saver™ is designed to be used with daily application to ensure a security blanket for sudden changes in climate, feed recipe or irrigation failure events.

InstaWet™ Technology


Cocogreen® compressed substrates are extremely efficient for transportation, as well as “on farm” setup and placement within a field.

Traditional trickle drip irrigation systems can take days to reconstitute, leading to more visits to a field for your labourers and managers. Agent Saver™ (awarded- Best Professional Product 2016)  allows the re-hydration of a compressed substrate in minutes and hours as opposed to days.  This game changing step has enabled large growers in particular to use labour and management time for other priorities.

Requires Less Irrigation Drippers per linear metre

Just imagine, you have a budget to invest per Ha; a key decision is how many dripper locations per meter should I use?

With regular use of Agent Saver , growers using 4 drippers per metre have achieved similar or better results, and closer irrigation management as using 6 or 8 irrigation drippers per meter.This is genuinely a pioneering breakthrough, keeping more budget back with the grower and investor; whilst also achieving low run off wastage, helping reduce the use of fertilisers, water and energy. Agent Saver is not just good for your bank balance, it also helps to reduce your environmental footprint!




Agent Saver™ is usable across all crops, and at any stage of cultivation.  We even have clients that grow other crops such as potatoes, wheat etc. using this through boom sprayers to reduce water and fertiliser consumption.

Agent Saver™ is ready to plug-and-play; and we offer full training at our demonstration sites or on – farm. Alternatively, our product specialists are available to meet you on farm, and consult with you regarding the uptake of our incredible technology.

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