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Cocogreen®  Growbags are our most popular product specifically for the cultivation of strawberries grown on a tabletop or similar system, with widespread sales all across the world.

Cocogreen® representatives are available to offer guidance to growers towards the right product for the correct system, environment and budget.

Our grow bags are shipped globally, compressed for ease-of setup and enable the reduction of trucks from the road. Growers can also incorporate our leading technologies, such as Moisture Control Technology® and Safeguard™, for guaranteeing optimal root development, while reducing resources.

Degradable Bio Green Bags™ are also available for this range.

F™ Grade

  • Fine structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation/small cells

FM™ Grade

  • Fine-medium structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation & Cell plants

M™ Grade

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Plant Raising, Strawberry & raspberry cultivation

O2™ Grade

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: High WHC

MC™ Grade

  • Medium-coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Balanced WHC

C™ Grade

  • Coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Balanced WHC

VC™ Grade

  • Very coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Lower WHC

The Benchmark in Strawberry Coir Substrates

Our Growbags are our most popular format. They have been proven globally as the highest performing, cost-effective and most easy to use substrate product for strawberry cultivation. Simple to setup and grow, this product allows modular control per 0.5-1m.


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