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Perfect for pots and troughs. These custom slabs or discs are placed into a pot or a container, add water and growers have a high-quality Cocogreen® coir substrate read to provide their crops a high calibre growing media unlike any other.

For growers who prefer using a tray system for their crops, we offer a customisable range of slabs and planks to fit any system, which reconstitute to the optimum level within many of the common irrigation tray brands.


Made-to-measure pot slabs to fit solid pot systems. We offer a free-of-charge customisation service which fills pots to a desired volume, or fill line, to optimise planting with your variety. These products feature rehydration holes and fully customised to perfectly fit any size pot or trough from any manufacturer. Please contact one of our experts to design a refill substrate to save you labour costs, or to find out how you can benefit from Moisture Control Technology®.

F™ Grade

  • Fine structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation, strawberry small cells

FM™ Grade

  • Fine-medium structure
  • Recommended for: Tray plants & potting

M™ Grade

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Strawberry & raspberry cultivation

O2™ Grade

  • Medium-coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Strawberry & raspberry cultivation

Fits like a glove

Cocogreen® can guarantee a consistent and uniform rehydration level in each and every pot, which has led to the innovation surrounding refill substrates. Growers now benefit from ease-of-setup and Moisture Control Technology®, which is not available from any other substrate provider.

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